Santa Teresa, Nicaragua

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Santa Teresa, Nicaragua
Santa Teresa, Nicaragua
Santa Teresa, Nicaragua
Santa Teresa, Nicaragua
Santa Teresa, Nicaragua

Santa Teresa, Nicaragua

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Tasting Notes: Plum Sangria, Custard, Silky

Nicaragua- Dipilto 

Region: Nueva Segovia 

Finca Santa Teresa

Farmer: Jorge Lagos

Varietal: Caturra

Altitude: 1250

Process: Hand-picked. Washed. 

Roast Profile: Medium 

Moka pot

If you wanted to find some of the best coffee in Nicaragua, all signs lead to a small town in the northern region of Dipilto, Nueva Segovia. Cup of Excellence winners are born and bred in this region. Using the lush rainforest microclimate to his advantage, famer Jorge Lagos doesn’t shy away from orchestrating a well-developed coffee from farm to cup.

This current harvest received an equal amount of rain and sunshine, giving crisp flavors of sangria and a sweet custard finish. If there is anything we can appreciate from this coffee, is consistency and this coffee delivers every time.

How this coffee gives back.

When coffee workers are not on the farm, they often live in difficult housing conditions, with leaky roofs, dirt floors, no electricity or running water. Your purchase supports our project to restore the homes of the people responsible for the hard work of picking and processing the coffee in this bag. So far 40 homes have been restored, but there is a lot more work to be done.