Worker Housing

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Worker Housing

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Families receive materials and 20 homes completely renovated.

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Families receive materials and 16 homes completely renovated.

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Families receive materials and 20 homes completely renovated.

Finca Santa Teresa in Dipilto, Nicaragua is a direct relationship with farm owner, Jorge Lagos who employs 60-100 farm workers during harvest.

Jorge has already provided comfortable housing at his farm Finca Santa Teresa, but the workers only spend 4 months of the year here. The other 8 months are spent at their homes which are often in less than ideal conditions and are difficult to access. 

Our project here focuses on the improving the lives of the farm workers who live an hour away from the farm in substandard conditions. Many, have no adequate housing, living with no proper roof, dirt floors, and adobe walls which deteriorate over time.

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Jorge and Think started this project by conducting a needs assessment, identifying beneficiaries, the communities they came from, and their individual needs concerning construction materials.

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The next step in this project is to provide aid for the renovation of another 20 homes.

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JUNE 2021

Because of COVID restrictions, we have been unable to visit Nicaragua but have been in contact with our partners at origin throughout the pandemic. Everyone’s focus has been to keep each other safe and look forward to the day when we can visit all the farm workers and their families. 


Our hope is by the end of the year, we can pick up where we left off and can continue our important work there. 

JUNE 2019

Enrique returns to Nicaragua along with District Manager, Alex to check up on project. Santa Teresa housing reconstruction project has advanced. Enrique and Alex meet with different contractors and finalize the project and budget for each family with Jorge Lagos. Construction for the 20 families are set to be complete by August 2019. Enrique will return in September to confirm the completion of project.


Enrique travelled back to Nicaragua to touch base with Jorge Lagos and verify the budget and next steps for providing the beneficiaries with supplies and assistance in construction.

MAY 2018

We return to Nicaragua along with Photographer/Barista, Paul to interview and document the next round of 20 beneficiaries who will benefit form our working housing project. Last year, Think Coffee and coffee farmer, Jorge Lagos distributed materials to each family. Some of the beneficiaries found it challenging to do much of the construction work and restorations themselves. This year, we decided to make things better for the farm workers, who already have full-time work and hire a contractor who will get the job done quicker and just in time for the heavy rain season.


Noah and Enrique travel to Nicaragua and raffle for the next 20 families to receive materials to restore their homes.

APRIL 2017

Jorge continues to deliver materials to beneficiaries. To see his April report, click here.

MARCH 2017

Jason and Noah travel to Nicaragua and interview and photograph each beneficiary. Together, they purchase and distribute materials to each beneficiary.

February 2017

Jorge conducts a needs assessment for each beneficiary, identifying the beneficiary, the community he or she came from, what materials were needed and intended use.

January 2017

Noah travels to Nicaragua. During this trip, Jorge holds a raffle to pick the 16 beneficiaries of the project. We initially selected 16 because our projected budget was enough to cover 16 families.