we are importers, roasters and baristas with one mission.

We believe that it takes more than just paying a fair or premium price for coffee in order to uplift farmworker communities. The most important work is done in the "last mile" beyond where the purchase price is paid. By meeting the people who do the hard work of harvesting our coffee where they live, we can ensure that they benefit from our dollars and yours for a more sustainable coffee industry.

Jason Scherr


Enrique Hernandez

Chief Impact Officer & Green Coffee Buyer

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Director of Brand Experience

Brady Ambro

Director of Coffee

George Hoefer

Head Roaster a/k/a Roast Master General

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Jhonathan Mayor

Coffee Educator

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From the day we opened our doors in Greenwich Village in 2006, our mission has been to bring our community together over the most responsible cup of coffee possible. As a small, independently-owned business, we recognize that we can’t make the coffee industry sustainable by ourselves. But we can have honest conversations about our efforts, including where they may have fallen short.

We won’t say we’re “transparent” without actually giving information that is as complete as possible. We won’t say we’re paying “fair prices'' without actually showing you the prices we pay and, just as important, who benefits from that price. We won’t talk about “livable wages” for farm workers unless we’ve taken real steps to verify them. And we won’t talk about implementing projects that benefit farming communities without sharing details.

Our claims simply wouldn’t be worth very much if we didn’t put in the work ourselves. Relying on middlemen or third-party certifications creates distance between farming communities and you. We believe in a clear, direct path so that you can really think about where your coffee comes from.

To us, our website is more than a website. It is proof of our efforts, and not just for a few select lots, but for nearly all of our coffee. It is proof that we work hard to address the inequities in our coffee supply chain with the resources we have.

Jason Scherr, Founder & CEO