Kellensoo, Ethiopia

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Kellensoo, Ethiopia
Kellensoo, Ethiopia
Kellensoo, Ethiopia
Kellensoo, Ethiopia
Kellensoo, Ethiopia
Kellensoo, Ethiopia

Kellensoo, Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes: Tea Rose, Blueberry, Juicy

Ethiopia- Grade 3 

Region- West Guji 

Village: Kellensoo- Moknisa 

Varietals: 74110, 74112, 74158, 74165

Farmer: 3,000+ Kellensoo Farmers 

Altitude: 1870-1950 meters 

Process: Hand-picked. Full Natural on raised beds.

Roast Profile: Medium

Moka pot
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Yirgacheffe had its moment, producing some of the greatest coffees in Ethiopia. Now, West Guji is making its claim to fame by producing some of Ethiopia’s most exciting new coffees around. Just a 10 hour drive south from Addis Ababa, you’ll find the Oromo village of Kellensoo Moknisa. This community of over 3,000 farmers have been growing coffee for generations, passing on traditions that still run strong to this day.

Our current harvest is still punching all of our favorite flavors Kellensoo is known for. High altitudes and rich soil give it its rich blueberry notes, and the traditional drying techniques on African beds create its consistently clean tea rose complexities.

How this coffee gives back.

One of the most pressing issues in Kellensoo, Ethiopia is the high rate of school dropouts among teenage girls. The principal reason is the inaccessibility of feminine hygiene products, which keep many at home. So far 80% of girls have stayed in school thanks to the menstrual kits distributed by Think Coffee and our Partners, Nardos Coffee since 2013.