Ainslie 5lb.

Ainslie 5lb.

A blend with strong notes of fruit.

light roast
Tasting notes: Black Cherry, Sweet, Creamy
“For those looking for a brighter, more subtle cup of coffee, look no further. This lighter roast Ainslie blend has the sweetness of black cherry with a well balanced creamy finish.”  George Hoefer, Head Coffee Roaster

In addition to supporting all of our projects, this blend provides a fair and livable wage to the farmers and farmworkers who grew the component coffees. That’s Think. Coffee and a lot more.

light roast for any type of coffee drinker.

"Ainslie is a perfect light roast for any type of coffee drinker looking to expand their horizons. The sweet and floral notes of this coffee make for the perfect cup."
Brady Ambro

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