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12 oz bag / Want to buy in bulk? 5 lb bag

dipilto, nicaragua

medium roast
Tasting notes: kiwi, figs, peanut butter
Process: washed

If you’re searching for the best coffee in Nicaragua, look no further than Dipilto, Nueva Segovia. This small town is home to Cup of Excellence champions, and it’s no surprise why. Jorge Lagos, a skilled farmer, expertly utilizes the lush rainforest microclimate to create a finely crafted coffee from bean to cup. This year’s crop has benefited with a perfect balance of rain and sunshine, resulting in a rich flavor profile with notes of kiwi and figs and a smooth, buttery finish.

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Our partner at origin is jorge lagos. In addition to restoring 86 homes for members of the farmworking community, this single-origin coffee provides a fair and livable wage to the farmworkers who grew it. That’s Think. Coffee and a lot more.