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  • Santa Isabel.

Santa Isabel.

10.5 oz box / Want to buy in bulk? 5 lb bag

dipilto, nicaragua

medium roast
Tasting notes: caramel, fig, almond butter
Process: washed

We are extremely proud of our partnership with farmer Jaime Lovo, whose farm sits right on the Honduran border, in the northern region of Dipilto, Nicaragua. His dedication to quality over quantity is truly remarkable and is reflected in the exceptional coffee harvest he produces annually. We are thrilled to purchase his entire harvest each year, and even more excited to share that the quality has consistently improved over time. The latest harvest is particularly noteworthy, featuring a more developed Caturra blend with delightful aromas from the surrounding citrus trees and a satisfyingly mellow undertone derived from Jaime Lovo’s fertile soil. This is truly a testament to the passion and hard work that Jaime puts into his craft, and we are honored to be a part of it.

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Our partner at origin is jaime lovo. In addition to providing  improved clean water access for 1000+ people in the farmworker community, this single-origin coffee provides a fair and livable wage to the farmworkers who grew it. That’s Think. Coffee and a lot more.