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10.5 oz box / Want to buy in bulk? 5 lb bag

nariño, colombia

medium roast
Tasting notes: Stonefruit, Red Berry, Shortbread
Process: honey
This exquisite coffee is truly deserving of a perfect score! Its bold and robust flavor is a testament to the hardworking individuals of the Native Reservation of Aponte, Nariño. This region, situated just to the east of the southern city of Pasto, is home to our 21 farmer partners who are expertly guided by our esteemed partner at the origin, Jose Gomez. These farmers work tirelessly to cultivate a coffee that boasts a delightful blend of stonefruit, red berry, and shortbread flavors, a true reflection of the high elevations and vast mountain ranges that make up this incredible region. It is no wonder that this coffee is considered to be among the finest in the world.
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Since 2016 we've been working with our exporting partner at origin, jose gomez. In addition to providing construction materials to 92 farming families to help them rebuild their homes after an earthquake, this single-origin coffee provides a fair and livable wage to the farmers who grew it. That’s Think. Coffee and a lot more.