Aponte, Colombia Every Other Week Subscription

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Aponte, Colombia Every Other Week Subscription
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Aponte, Colombia Every Other Week Subscription

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Tasting Notes: Silky Grapefruit, Honey Caramel

Aponte, Colombia

Resguardo Inga Aponte

Farmer: Jose Gomez

Varietal: Caturra 

Altitude: 2150 meters  

Process: Washed 

Project: Housing Reconstruction 

Roast Profile: Medium

Moka pot

10’s across the board for this coffee! Nothing like a confident coffee to reflect the hardworking people from the Native Reservation of Aponte, Nariño. Just east of the southern city of Pasto, Nariño along the Andean mountain chain are 3,534 farmers organized by Jose Gomez who cultivate this coffee packed with flavors of grapefruit and honey. These high elevations and vast mountain ranges create some of the best coffee in the world.

How this coffee gives back. 

In 2016 many homes in Aponte started to collapse due to geological shift. Your purchase of this coffee supports the rebuilding of farmer homes away from the fault line. So far 74 families have received more than 25 tons of concrete, tens of thousands of bricks, plus roofing and construction materials. A number of farmer homes have been fully rebuilt, but there is a lot more work to be done.