• Devoe St. 5lb.
  • Devoe St. 5lb.
  • Devoe St. 5lb.

Devoe St. 5lb.

blend: ethiopia, nicaragua, colombia

medium-dark roast
Tasting notes: tasting notes: berry, chocolate, toasted almonds
This is our signature blend that we serve in all of our New York City cafes. Every year it gets better.  Featuring the finest varietals, this blend is round and well-balanced, with rich chocolate characteristics and pronounced berry notes. Components change based on season, but no matter the season, each component supports a project at origin that helps the communities that did the hard work of growing and processing the coffee.
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In addition to supporting all of our projects, this blend provides a fair and livable wage to the farmers and farmworkers who grew the component coffees. That’s Think. Coffee and a lot more.